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I am a really big fan of a new voice that I’ve found in the blogosphere. She beats away all other boring blogs with a stick. The best part is, she is here to stay and she doesn’t care who knows it!

I can’t wait to go to Croatia. That should be really a fun trip. Summertime is so limited; why can’t it be summer all the time? I bet I’m the first person that has every thought that to themselves.

And now for the point of this blog post: Sassy Blueberry. There. It is done.

How many more words for this thing before I can call it a day? I am so ready to start testing and earning that cheddar. Cheddar cheese sounds delicious right now. I am so freaking hungry. Too bad I am living in a place that is so far from restaurants it is ridiculously annoying!

Can you imagine all the drivel that exists online? I guess I’m probably a contributor of that, and I don’t mean just this blog post haha. Score!

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