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If you’d like a one stop shop for anything related to meeting people of the opposite sex (specifically girls), look no further than the Panther Dating Guide.

Here you can find everything related to sex, love, and everything in between. Is there anything in between?

There are guides on seduction, attraction, texting, meeting girls, adult section, and even private coaching. Imagine what you could do if you dedicated one half hour of your day to learning this stuff. You’d be a God to women by the end of the year. So go ahead and educate yourself. It could be the difference between spending the rest of your life with the girl of your dreams, or ended up alone with nobody to call your own.

The choice is yours. Invest in yourself! And also check out Cactus Casino to make yourself some extra money!

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I am a really big fan of a new voice that I’ve found in the blogosphere. She beats away all other boring blogs with a stick. The best part is, she is here to stay and she doesn’t care who knows it!

I can’t wait to go to Croatia. That should be really a fun trip. Summertime is so limited; why can’t it be summer all the time? I bet I’m the first person that has every thought that to themselves.

And now for the point of this blog post: Sassy Blueberry. There. It is done.

How many more words for this thing before I can call it a day? I am so ready to start testing and earning that cheddar. Cheddar cheese sounds delicious right now. I am so freaking hungry. Too bad I am living in a place that is so far from restaurants it is ridiculously annoying!

Can you imagine all the drivel that exists online? I guess I’m probably a contributor of that, and I don’t mean just this blog post haha. Score!